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What is a sharpener?

As its name indicates, is a tool used to sharpen knives or other bladed-edge items.
It usually has two parts a handle and a bladed-edge section.
Before its existence, stones were used to this purpose above all during war periods.
Those stones were atached to a handle what has become the current sharpener.
Besides, these stones are used to sharpen the adventure knives.

Why is necessary to sharpen a knife?

It is recommended to sharpen a knife when it does not cut in a proper way.
We must push harder the handle of a knife that is not correctly sharpened, what might imply to make a bad mouvement and consequently hurt ourselves.
We will always get a clean cut if our knife is well sharpened, besides, in the kitchen it will help us to prepare meals faster, easier and better orgnized.

How many times do we have to sharpen a knife?

Every time we can not get a clean and easy cut, but we must try to not overreact, because the more we sharpen a knife the more it will damage itself.

How do we sharpen a knife?

There is a different method for every blade and each sharpener.

  • Sharpenig steel: A sharpener for kitchen knives which has a handle and a steel cylinder. 
  • The knive's blade must pass over the metal cylinder. This process shuld be repeated twice by edge. Normally, this tool is used by butchers and chefs.
  • Stone: There are different kinds of stone. The most common way to use it, is wetting them for passing the blade over them, from its base to the point. This process must be repeated twice by edge. This kind of sharpener can be used for almost every type of tool.
  • Modern Sharpeners: They consist in getting the blade into the sharpener's keyholes

This type of sharpening is used for thin blades.

Sharpeners' Materials

  • Steel striations, which we usually can see in Shaprening steels.
  • Natural Stone, the most famous about them are the ones which come form Japan.
  • Synthetic Stone, they are normally made of aluminiunm oxide and/or sylicon carbide. 

Diamond, whose grains are usually applied over a metal surface.

Its handles are made of wood, plastic or polypropylene.

If your knives do not work properly anymore, surely you need a sharpener, a cheap, long-lasting tool which can be used several times.
If you do not know how to choose a sharpener, maybe we can help you. Do you have any further questions? 

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