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Muela.- Factory knives and knives Ciudad Real (Spain)

The Muela Group consists of two companies Manufacturas Muela, SA and Comercial Muela, SA Comercial Muela was established in 1985 with the initial goal of engaging in marketing in Spain of own products, but later taking advantage of the infrastructure that was created , he joined the wholesale distribution of articles for the hardware, gift, sports, adventure, cutlery or armories. Manufacturas Muela has its main base in sports cutlery.

Manufacturas Muela has modern technical, industrial and commercial facilities, capable of handling large orders coming from all over the world, reserving a plot of its production for pieces in which the artisan touch continues showing its prized difference however compared to other manufacturers.

The most valuable parts of the house are those that make up the "limited series" combining craftsmanship and taste for tradition. Hence the materials used for making them are carefully selected for this spectacular result, "jewels" aimed at collectors and connoisseurs.

Currently, Muela is the first sign of sporting knives in our country and a fundamental reference in the international arena within the sector, with their knives and blades very appreciated for its quality and beauty.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 257 items