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What is a machete?

Machete is a tool conceived to cut canes but recently it has been used also as a weapon. It usually has a handle and a wide blade which can be curved and/or single edged. It has a length between 55 and 60 cms.

When and where the machete is used?

If it is conceived as a working tool, we can use it in farming activities or for making a path where there is plenty of vegetation.
In tropical zones such as Asia, Africa and South America is very common to appreciate it. We must consider that this item was initially designed to cut sugar cane. If it is conceived as a weapon, machete progressively a defensive weapon.

Many people who works in the countryside used it as a tool but besides for protecting themselves from wild animals. United States army carried them in Vietnam War, French Legion soldiers consider it an essential weapon for hand-to-hand combat. In Africa it has become one of the most famous bladed weapons.

Machete's blade Shape

Depending the use we give it, there is a huge range of machete's blades.

  • Classic Blade which belongs to classic machete, its base is usually thinner than its final part where we can appreciate a curved form. The part in its back is usually straight. It could be used to cut any single cane or plant.
  • Curved Blade which shows the same form that classic blade but lightly curved in its back part.
  • Spartan blade which imitates the typipacl sprtan sword blade (very pointed).
  • Japanese blade which can have different sizes and shapes. Its point is very similar to the katana. 
  • Kukri blade which has a kukri dagger form, curved in its edge and wide in its final part. It is perfect for cutting low plants in its base.

Machete's back can be:

  • Straight
  • Serrated which is used to cut hardest plants and wood.

Machete's parts

  • A handle which can be made of ABS, wood or rubber. It shows an ergonomic form to be held properly, but sometis it has a right handle.
  • A guard which can be seen in several machetes, for protecting the fingers.
  • A blade which can have differents sizes or shapes. It is normally made of steel, steel inox, carbon steel or molybdene vanadium.
  • A back part which can be curved, straight, serrated or flat.

We have a huge variety of machetes which can be used for farming activities. All of them are sharped and shipped with a leather or nylon scabbard. The most famous are Mad Zombie, Explorer or Cane cutter. If you need a piece of advice we are completely available to help you in whatever you need. Do you have any further questions?

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