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Tomahawk Hudson Bay

Tomahawk of the Hudson Bay forjadoa pressure. The tomahawks of high-quality, Cold Steel® are forged with precision from high-carbon steel 1055. The process of stamping it offers many distinct advantages for the production of impact tools, in particular those that require a sharp edge. Through the use of a series of progressive matrices set to hammers high power, the steel is kneaded and compressed into a mass completely homogeneous, creating a grain structure is very uniform and minimizing imperfections.

All Tomahawks Cold Steel® is also being treated thermally in a differential manner, with a sharp edge and a face of a hammer that is completely hardened to take a sharp edge, while the body of the sheet remains soft to absorb the impact, and the impact of the blows. The American Tomahawk Company® is a registered trademark and a division of Cold Steel®, Inc.

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Almost all of the axes of war that you can purchase on the market today can trace their roots to the axe of the Hudson Bay used for centuries in the vast forests and marshes of the northeast of Canada. Famous for its versatility and effectiveness, the axe of the Hudson Bay became indispensable to anyone who tried to earn a living in the nature.

The team of Cold Steel® is also a great admirer of this famous pattern of axe and decided to re-scale it to the format tomahawk. Forged in steel 1055 high carbon content, such as all the hawks cold forged, Cold Steel®, offers approx. The edge of 9 cm long in the classical form, as well as a 'nape' substantial that can be used for hitting, crushing and hammering. Even you can hammer nails and spikes with him, because they too, like the blade, hardened differentially. Equipped with a handle, american walnut straight grain and sturdy, you are ready for a life in the woods and, in case of trouble, it also doubles as a weapon terribly effective.

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Cold Steel

Data sheet

Material sheet
Carbon steel 1055
697 gr.
Material handle
Length Sheet
15.6 cm.
55.9 cm.
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