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Perseverance and steady growth have accompanied Victorinox during its 125 years of life. Features Swiss typically have marked the development of the company.

In 1884, the manufacturer of knives and entrepreneur Karl Elsener opened in Ibach-Schwyz, a town in central Switzerland, a workshop of cutlery that over the course of 125 years would become a company of international presence.

Victorinox born into a é little when Switzerland was still one of the poorest countries in Europe. Around 1880, many Swiss, pressed by the lack of jobs, were forced to emigrate. Despite difficult economic conditions, Karl Elsener took the initiative and opened his own cutler, setting the cornerstone of a company thriving.

The pioneering spirit, honesty and firm founder's roots in Switzerland and values ​​Victorinox accompanied during its 125 years old and still alive in the philosophy and the products of the company. But the continuity also characterizes the organization: since its founding in 1884, Victorinox is a family business that has retained its independence until today. Ten percent of the shares is held by the founding family Elsener and ninety percent is owned by Victorinox foundations. This model ensures the continuity of the company and ensures the long-term preservation of jobs.