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Knife modular with a multi-locking swivel. White sheet. --- LAST UNITS ---

Knife Modular multipurpose with sheath with locking swivel. This revolutionary plastic is extremely durable and lightweight. Withstands temperatures from -45ºC up to 65th and is impervious to oils, sea water and gasoline. This knife 9010 of PHROBIS fits automatically into the sheath, keeping it safe even in an inverted position. Allows you drew faster with one hand only with a simple movement of the knife toward the outside.

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The revolutionary system swivel of the sheath in the belt fit provides comfort in either standing or sitting and can be strapped to the leg if necessary.

Blade for tough jobs

The blade of the knife Phrobis 9010 is constructed with a steel c425 corrosion-resistant specially hardened to give maximum flexibility at the same time keeping the edge of the “blade”. This high-grade stainless steel, along with the unique design of the blade/handle makes the knife PHROBIS 9010 a knife exceptionally hard.

Modular and Versatile

  • The majority of the components of this single knife can be easily removed for cleaning as well as change any of the guards.
  • The guards are interchangeable to produce various knifes, multi-purpose. The teeth of the saw cut with ease, wood, bone, and light metals.


Data sheet

Material sheet
Acero c425
340 gr.
Long leaf
14 cm.
27 cm.
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